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Founded 1920 - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire

Annual Membership Fees 2024

Marsden Golf Club is recognised as a charity and has Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status. We foster participation in golf by players of all ages and abilities and have a range of membership categories to reflect this. We have fees ranging from £30 (Juniors) with a sliding scale for young men up to age 40, full annual membership for lady members for just £320 and full annual membership for men over 41 for only £660 (£590 if over 65 years). For people who have not previously been a golf club member elsewhere we offer “Let’s Try Golf” Men £250 for six months – just £180 for a full year for new lady golfers.

Our picturesque (yet testing) course has membership fees amongst the lowest to be found in the Huddersfield area.


Category Subscription  (1st Jan to 31st Dec)         
Men aged 41 to 65 £660  
Men aged 65 years+ £590  
Young men 17, 18, 19 £250  
Young men 20 to 25 £360  
Young men 26 to 30 £420  
Young men 31 to 40 £480  
Young ladies 17, 18 £150  
Ladies all ages 19+ £320  
Junior golfers ages 6 to 16 £30  
Let’s Try Golf (Men) £250 (6 months)  
Let’s Try Golf (Ladies) £180 (12 months)
*2nd Club Membership (Men) £350
*2nd Club Membership (Ladies) £200
*Let’s Get Back To Golf £250 (6 months)
*Denotes Terms & Conditions Apply